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Google Doodle St Patricks day

Google chose some dancing Irish as a logo in order to celebrate St Patricks day 2013! Happy St Patricks day everyone! (Don’t overdo it with Guinness and drive safely. )

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Organic Traffic drop checklist

Did your organic traffic drop? Do your Google Analytics look like this: Then, stop guessing and assuming, go through the following Organic traffic drop checklist and find out the reason that might caused a drop in your visits: 1. Negative

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Executive Education – Search Marketing case

What does it take for Harvard Business School to rank first for “Executive Education”? Offsite Facts: – is a Page Rank 7 site, 76 referring domains and almost 200 backlinks. – The majority of the links have as anchor

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Google Tips for new sites

Matt Cutts posted yesterday a short video on Google’s tips for new sites, let’s see:

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Zeitgeist 2012 – Most searched keywords in Google

Google released a YouTube video in their channel regarding the most searched keywords, events, people, happenings in 2012. Among them: Obama, Romney, Gangnam Style, Olympics, Paralympics, Hollande, Greek austerity protests, Euro 2012, London 2012, Whitney Houston, Redbull Stratos, Manila Floods,

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