Organic Traffic drop checklist

Did your organic traffic drop?

Do your Google Analytics look like this:dropped organic traffic

Then, stop guessing and assuming, go through the following Organic traffic drop checklist and find out the reason that might caused a drop in your visits:

1. Negative SEO

It’s becoming a trend, that competitors blast 100s or 1000s of links to your site. Check the backlink profile history, do you notice something weird and worth checking?

If the backlink history can’t say much, maybe the type of “anchor” texts used will. Try to identify the “puzzle” piece that does not match in your link profile.

2. Hacked website

Did you get any Webmaster Tools warning for malware or for your website being hacked?

Does your site behave strangely? (injected pages, scripts etc)

Then that might be the reason, try to clean this mess or let your developers to do so!

3. Onsite changes

Did you or your developers implement radical changes or has the site changed significantly? If yes, track all the changes and try to identify what went wrong.

4. Panda, Penguin and other animals…

Be sure to keep yourself updated with the latest algorithm changes by following Matt Cutts’ blog/Twitter and all relevant sources such as the Google Webmaster Blog.

SEO changes and you have to keep up with the trends and even the slightest changes!

5. Ranking Penalties

Did you overoptimize your site? Did you over-build links to your site? Then you were probable penalized for unnatural onsite and/or offsite SEO.

Admit it, if you were hit by an algorithm penalty, then you probable know why…!

Go back, remove the unnatural links or unnatural content, disavow any strange links that you did not build and submit a reconsideration request.

Good luck and good rankings!


Greek SEO Expert & Inbound Marketing Specialist - Stavros Bilis - SB InboundBay

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